Strobing for Beginners

Image via Beauty2Face

A beautiful example of Strobing.


Another great example from the side


Let me just start off by saying I LOVE strobing! Why you ask? It makes my skin look refreshed, dewy and much younger.

So what is strobing by the way? Strobing is a makeup technique of accentuating the highlights of one’s face with less, if any, concentration on contouring.

Ever since Kim Kardashian blessed us with a picture of how her Makeup Artist Highlights & Contours her face, contouring kits were flying off the shelf and YouTube Beauty Gurus went on a Tutorial Spree. Let’s face it, regardless of what you think of her, her makeup is always spot on. Yes she has a Makeup Artist on deck but I have seen non celebrities who can pull this look together by themselves.

Kim K Highlight & Contour pic. With Strobing, the highlighted area (light areas), are emphasized.


We can obviously tell that the lighter part of her face is the Highlighting area and the dark area is the Contour. With Strobing we are only going to concentrate on some of the Highlighted area such as the middle of forehead/top of eyebrows, bridge of nose, tops of cheekbones, cupids bow, and chin.

Now one thing I would suggest is if you aren’t sure how strobing would look on you is to go to Target or Wegmans. They carry the E.L.F. which contains two types of highlighters, cream and powder, priced from $1 to $3. I would get one of each to know who texture you can easily work with.

Powder Highlighter in Pink. They also have a Golden Highlighter to choose from.


Shimmer Palette


Shimmer Cream in pink also available in a Golden tone


Enhancer in Pink. Easy to use in Pen form


Fan Brush highly recommended for Powder application.


TIP: Sometimes I actually layer the highlighters. I will start with the Cream texture and finish off with the Powder texture using the Fan Brush for extra staying power!