Holy Random Facts, Batman

Ugh have your eyes ever been so tired but you just can’t sleep. So I figure let’s do a quick Random Facts post.

*I am a Christian. My friends/family consist of different faiths & backgrounds.

*Music is my life with movies coming in 2nd

*Roseanne is one of my favorite sitcoms

*I truly believe Leah Remini is my sister. So much alike personality wise it’s crazy.

*I have the most insane fear of snakes and snakes only…..crazy fear

*I like all chocolate BUT white chocolate #plainevil

*Carrie (1976) is my favorite Stephen King’s book into movie. I can recite the whole movie especially her mother’s crazy parts…which is the whole movie.

*My hubby and I met in the 4th grade. We just had our 1st child, a son on June 1st, 2015.

*I love all coffeeshops (Starbucks and locally owned coffeeshops)

*I have always wanted to live in a loft so we are re-doing our home to look like a loft.

*I can’t stand all orange flavored candies/drinks but hand me an actual orange and I will tear that ish up

*I am allergic to kiwi.

*I actually love sports (all but golf and tennis) but watching it on TV, unless it’s the BIG game, I will not do. I would rather be watching the game in person.

*My hubby and I lived in Nashville, TN for about 5 years.

What are some of your random facts….? Speak to me