Fall TV Shows

I LOVE the fall. Nothing like a hard days work done, getting housework ober with, and then snuggling up in bed catching up on your favorite shows with some coffee/tea!

The fall reminds of all things spooky amd I watch all things paranormal:

Ghost Hunters
Paranormal Witness
A Haunting
My Haunted House
Basically anything paranormal
Let me tell you what though if I ever see a ghost…PEACE OUT!

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of New Jersey

Real Shows:

How To Get Away With Murder

Yes I know that sounds like alot of shows…lol. I make sure I have done my wifely/mommy duties before I indulge. The cool thing is my hubby likes all the shows except for Housewives.

Anyway what shows are you looking forward too?

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      1. Yes it is!!! They have just the first season!!! I mentioned because I thought it was very Fall Like since it’s about witches and all!!!πŸ˜† hope you like it if you check it!!!πŸ’•


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