30 Day Challenge Day 27 & 28


Day 27 Something You Can’t Leave The House Without
                  My phone!

Day 28 Something That Makes Me Happy
                  My family!

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30 Day Challenge Day 25 & 26


Day 25 & 26 What Do I Find Attractive in a Person & Something I Never Get Tired of Doing

What I find attractive in my man: When my husband takes care of his responsibilities (job/son)  I like that my husband is very polite. Doesn’t like/cause drama. Oh and he takes pride in his appearance. HUMOR! Spontaneous

What I find attractive in a woman: Nice manners, likes sports yet still feminine, encourages me to look my best yet not be competitive, spontaneous.

SN: I am straight but I don’t have tons alot of friends that are girls. The girls that I do hang out with are like me.

Something I never get tired of doing is watching movies, drinking coffee and chillin with my lil family 🙂

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Idea for Starbucks & other coffee shops

I would love to see Starbucks and other coffee houses expand their menu to include different types of coffees from around the world.

For example, Turkish coffee, Cuban Coffee, Puerto Rican coffee etc etc.

My husband is part Puerto Rican so I asked my Mother in Law how they make coffee. It involves straining coffee through a cheesecloth and using evaporated milk….like whaaaaaat?

I like to experiment food of different cultures/backgrounds so for me this idea is the best lol.

Do any of my fellow International coffee drinkers have any recipes they can share?

30 Day Challenge Day 23


Day 23 Hidden Talents

         Other than makeup/braiding hair I would say random useless trivia. I literally can watch a movie and I catch on to mistakes like different hair/wardrobe etc!

Random Fact: In the movie The Goonies when they were about to go down in the fireplace at the Fratellis diner Sean Astin aka Mikey calls his older brother Brand by the actors real name Josh!! I caught that long before anyone pointed it out…

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Ripped in 30 Challenge Fail

Ok sooooo I usually do not quit something due to my discomfort. Discomfort means Im getting results and I had alot of discomfort but I also was getting tons of distractions from outside world…

Such as…
    A newborn
    My birthday with tons of good food!
So I am going to come back to Ripped in 30 in about 2 weeks. I am doing a quick HIIT Cardio program for 2 weeks as of today to kick my midsection in gear as well as cleaning up my diet.

I almost feel like I need to do 3 challenges at once. It would definitely keep me busy and when I go shopping for new clothes I wont feel shameful. Lol

If anyone wants to do this with me the website is 30 Days of HIIT. Now I like to go all out. I am combining 2 days at once to make it 15 days straight! NO DAYS OFF!!