30 Day Challenge


   I LOVE challenges! I found this on Neverlandbeauty’ s blog on WordPress and figure I’d give it a try.


   Ok so here are 10 facts about me…..

1. I am petrified of snakes.  Hate the way they move & look. I don’t like how they can pop out at you. Which leads me to the next fact

2. I love scary movies (specifically paranormal like haunted houses/slasher movies) but when a scary part comes up where I know something pops out at me…I look away.

3. I have this thing about having things done in even #’s. If I eat gum, has to be 2 pieces. If I pump gas, it has to end on an even $ amount.

4. I have no tattoos. I have always wanted one but this is permanent it has to be right.

5. Love to travel but get motion sick on everything. Pills don’t help me but being really cold does. Weird….

6. Christmas is my favorite holiday

7. Im one of those who watches the special features/behind the scenes on DVD/TV

8. I’ve known my hubby since 4th grade

9. Still have all my old Babysitters Club/Sweet Valley High books

10. I actually love the winter time. Love seeing the snow..skiing…sledding etc but hate driving in it because other people dont know how to drive.

Alright your turn! I like to learn about others…speak to me

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2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. I am terrified of snakes too! Snakes & Spiders are a big no no for me. I also have this weird things with even numbers. The volume can only be on even numbers or multiples of 5. no odd numbers for me! lol

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