30 Day Shred Challenge Day 1

Today was my 1st day back at work and boy was it crazy. Woke up at 5:15am (cray cray), got out of the house late cause I lost my phone, dropped off suga plum to his grandmas, and arrived to work on time.

The day actually went by fast and I was looking forward to working out. I ate healthy all day & was active. Came home to see if I could dig the DVD up and I couldnt find it. Uggggh


I did find Ripped in 30. Score!

So instead of the 30 Day Shred the Ripped in 30 has taken it’s place. The DVD consists of 4 levels so 1 level per week. I re-checked reviews for this workout and it still gets rave reviews. I popped that sucka in and it was go time. Let me tell you the whole time went fast! I am already sore but I can tell it’s gonna work fast!

I did not take measurements but I will weigh myself after the week is done.

How Day 1 went!

See you crazies tomorrow

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