Clown Contouring?!

What exactly is Clown Contouring?

     Not to long ago I saw a video on YouTube of a Makeup Artist donning a pretty colorful pastel face and it got my attention. She looked like a beautiful clown (no disrepect). She had lilac, green, pink, white and tan colors all over. I thought it was a challenge but I was wrong…this is a new, and fun, way to contour/highlight your face!


                                                       These ladies are not only gorgeous but talented & creative


How does one choose the colors?

    Well the colors are chosen by what you want to highlight, conceal or contour. So if you have any kind of redness you would use a green correcting solution.  If you want to brighten up your skin you would use a pinky/salmon color. Light colors highlight and dark colors contour. I think it is kinda cool to design your face and use various shapes/colors to get the desired effect you are looking for.

Original Video of 1st Clown Contour by Belladelune

Belladelune Clown Contour Video

What do you think? I know it is something one wouldn’t do everyday but to try it at least 1 time I think woukd be fun! If you do it let me know I want to see it.

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