30 Day Challenge Day 15 & 16


Day 15 Meaning Behind Blog Name

        I really based my blog name after the popularity of iPhone. Ironically I have never owned one #TeamAndroid. I just liked the way it looked. I get compliments on my lashes which are very long and I like to blog about anything so I came up with…


Day 16 Nicknames

   Oh boy do I have nicknames. My birth name is Angela. Since I am about 98% of Italian/Sicilian ancestry nicknames are HUGE.

Nicknames from family include:
Angelina Poskalina
Angelina Ballerina
Angie – I hate Angie only my grandmother called me that or allowed to

Nicknames from friends:
Angeloni Pepperoni Pizza Pie
Lil Lina – My Nashville coworkers gave me that name. We were a colorful group.