Ripped in 30 Challenge


As I told you in earlier posts I can already see a change in my body…which is great! Now I do not use weights I use my own body weight. But one thing I am not liking is the scale numbers. WHY ARE THE NUMBERS GOING UP?

I know that muscle weighs more than fat and eventually it will fall off but I see why people quit.

I am NOT a quitter!

I just want to get lean & toned hence I am not using weights. I am already stocky & strong but I want to look more feminine. That’s my goal

Week 2

       Holy crap. The warm up was insane so you could only imagine how the workout was gonna be. My husband was watching me aka the peanut gallery telling me what I got right or wrong…mostly wrong. Lol

       I have to say this whole week 2 is challenging from strength to abs but it went fast. I knew at one point she was going to say “Come into plank position…MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS” ugh I have a love/hate relationship. I hate doing them but I love the cardio/sweat aspect.

      The abs were real challenging. Some of them I couldnt do so I just did variations of crunches.

     Overall I feel like I have to practice moves to really get some of these exercises. Also I feel like my diet needs to be even more tighter and more cardio away from the DVD needs to be done.



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