Ripped in 30 Challenge Fail

Ok sooooo I usually do not quit something due to my discomfort. Discomfort means Im getting results and I had alot of discomfort but I also was getting tons of distractions from outside world…

Such as…
    A newborn
    My birthday with tons of good food!
So I am going to come back to Ripped in 30 in about 2 weeks. I am doing a quick HIIT Cardio program for 2 weeks as of today to kick my midsection in gear as well as cleaning up my diet.

I almost feel like I need to do 3 challenges at once. It would definitely keep me busy and when I go shopping for new clothes I wont feel shameful. Lol

If anyone wants to do this with me the website is 30 Days of HIIT. Now I like to go all out. I am combining 2 days at once to make it 15 days straight! NO DAYS OFF!!