New Challenge – Fitness

   Fall Fitness Challenge

          By nature, I love challenges. I think it is my own way of competing with myself. I have been looking online for challenges and I found a site that is free but has some kick ass challenges. It is called Darebee. Basically they make the challenges fun and I feel like Katniss Everdeen & Xena. You can join The Hive and socialize with others as well. Doesn’t matter if you are The Hulk or Betty White you will feel empoweredby the end of 1 workout.

         So one of the biggest challenges aka obstacles for myself is running. I don’t know how these people run outside in ALL temperatures. I know I am NOT running in the snow/cold no matter how bundled up I am. I am also Mrs Clumsypants and running on a treadmill at the gym only calls for a video to be uploaded on YouTube to go viral. No bueno Honey Boo Boo. Been asking around about what the best form of cardio is for quicker weight loss and of course it is running with some sprints shoved in there. When you are mixing cardio up you will burn more in a 24 hour period than just running alone. 

          Wouldn’t you know there are running/sprint programs on Darebee for those just starting out as well as advanced runners/sprinters. I am not looking to become Usain Bolt but since I am older I know I have to go hardcore to lose these last 20 lbs. So here is the new challenge that starts promptly at 12am Friday September 11th!


                            I am picking 1st formula (Breakfast, Meal A, Meal B and a Snack) with Level 2 for fat loss.


                                                            Doesn’t seem like alot but I can tell it will be hardcore.


                                                                            I will be doing the Speed Drills


                                I am doing this along with the “From Walking to Running” program to mix it up

                              My question is….Who’s doing this with me?

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