I found my challenge!

First if all so sorry for MIA. Been extremely busy with work and it has calmed down. Yaaaaay now back to me.

During this time I have lost about 5-6lbs but I really want to lose about 10-15lbs more.

But here is the thing, I have noticed that if someone loses too much weight they start to look older in the face. Remember Star Jones and she lost all that weight via gastric bypass she went from looking youthful to old. Sorry.

I invested in the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology! It came with little colored portion controlled containers that target specific foods. The package also contained a tote bag to bring your food in, recipes and Shakeology mix with travel drinking container.

Results from Challenge

Ok all. Sorry been MIA. I have been doing this challenge and I sooooo recommend that you all try it. I lost 2 and a half inches from my waist, my pants can only be kept up by a belt cause they keep falling down lol…my face looks slimmer and I have tons of energy.

Since I hate the word diet and I believe the more diets you put yourself into the more it messes with your metabolism. So I just changed the way I ate..portion control, when I would eat the heartiest meals etc etc…

Today I am browsing their website for another challenge!!

New Challenge – Fitness

   Fall Fitness Challenge

          By nature, I love challenges. I think it is my own way of competing with myself. I have been looking online for challenges and I found a site that is free but has some kick ass challenges. It is called Darebee. Basically they make the challenges fun and I feel like Katniss Everdeen & Xena. You can join The Hive and socialize with others as well. Doesn’t matter if you are The Hulk or Betty White you will feel empoweredby the end of 1 workout.

         So one of the biggest challenges aka obstacles for myself is running. I don’t know how these people run outside in ALL temperatures. I know I am NOT running in the snow/cold no matter how bundled up I am. I am also Mrs Clumsypants and running on a treadmill at the gym only calls for a video to be uploaded on YouTube to go viral. No bueno Honey Boo Boo. Been asking around about what the best form of cardio is for quicker weight loss and of course it is running with some sprints shoved in there. When you are mixing cardio up you will burn more in a 24 hour period than just running alone. 

          Wouldn’t you know there are running/sprint programs on Darebee for those just starting out as well as advanced runners/sprinters. I am not looking to become Usain Bolt but since I am older I know I have to go hardcore to lose these last 20 lbs. So here is the new challenge that starts promptly at 12am Friday September 11th!


                            I am picking 1st formula (Breakfast, Meal A, Meal B and a Snack) with Level 2 for fat loss.


                                                            Doesn’t seem like alot but I can tell it will be hardcore.


                                                                            I will be doing the Speed Drills


                                I am doing this along with the “From Walking to Running” program to mix it up

                              My question is….Who’s doing this with me?

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Ripped in 30 Challenge Week 2


• My endurance has been better
• It is getting easier
• I look forward to coming home to do this workout
• My upper back is getting defined
• My arms are in the process of getting ready for the gun show
•It’s over before you know it
• Sweating like a crazy woman


• Still have to do moderations on some moves…I pick my battles
• I will be getting used to the moves at the end of Week 2 before I move on to Week 3
• Sweating like a crazy woman

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Ripped in 30 Challenge


As I told you in earlier posts I can already see a change in my body…which is great! Now I do not use weights I use my own body weight. But one thing I am not liking is the scale numbers. WHY ARE THE NUMBERS GOING UP?

I know that muscle weighs more than fat and eventually it will fall off but I see why people quit.

I am NOT a quitter!

I just want to get lean & toned hence I am not using weights. I am already stocky & strong but I want to look more feminine. That’s my goal

Week 2

       Holy crap. The warm up was insane so you could only imagine how the workout was gonna be. My husband was watching me aka the peanut gallery telling me what I got right or wrong…mostly wrong. Lol

       I have to say this whole week 2 is challenging from strength to abs but it went fast. I knew at one point she was going to say “Come into plank position…MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS” ugh I have a love/hate relationship. I hate doing them but I love the cardio/sweat aspect.

      The abs were real challenging. Some of them I couldnt do so I just did variations of crunches.

     Overall I feel like I have to practice moves to really get some of these exercises. Also I feel like my diet needs to be even more tighter and more cardio away from the DVD needs to be done.